Boss Buck 80lb. Seeder/Spreader

BB180 Boss Buck

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Boss Buck 80lb. Seeder/Spreader

UV stabilized rubber latch
4-Prong Tail Light Adapter Included
Wireless Receiver
Adjustable Nozzle
2-pc Receiver Hitch
Spread food plot mix
Quickly spread fertilizer
Salt your driveway ( Large Salt )
Spread grass seed
Corn Senderos and Trails

Comes complete with a wireless push button activation system, adjustable material flow rate, and a 2″ receiver hitch mounting system
The new adjustable nozzles thumb screw loosens and the neck floats up/down to open or restrict the flow rate to the slinger plate;This is to allow adjustment for large material like corn or fertilizer. And small material like seeds.
The slide valve on the front of the hopper allows additional opening or restriction at the hopper opening to the spout
These two adjustments combined will allow these units to be fine-tuned for precise applications
Also includes a 2-pc Receiver Hitch. Heavy Duty Bolts, washers, and nylock nuts are the hardware provided for the 2″ Receiver hitch assembly.

Manufacturer Model # BB-1.80
UPC 888151022269
Weight 48.00 lbs
Carton Dimensions 33 × 22 × 12 in