Coast HP8R Rechargeable Pure Beam® Focusing Flashlight (Hanging Box)

21498 Coast

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Coast HP8R Rechargeable Pure Beam® Focusing Flashlight (Hanging Box)

1000 Lumens
850′ Beam Distance
11 Hour runtime

Beam Lock – Set the beam to stay how you like it. COAST BEAM LOCK® technology makes our SLIDE FOCUS® system even more valuable, with the option to lock the beam in place on spot, flood, or anywhere in between. Twisting the head of the light to the left locks the beam in place, and twisting it back to the right releases the slide mechanism back into motion.
Dual Power – Options to stay ready. With COAST Dual Power technology, you have the choice to power your light with USB-rechargeable batteries or with standard alkaline batteries.
Flex Charge – Power up on your terms. Lights with COAST Flex Charge technology feature a rechargeable battery that can be recharged either inside or outside the light. A simple USB connection to either AC or DC ensures you can always get juice.
Pure-Beam Focusing Optic – Pack two powerful beams into one and seamlessly transition—with no halos or hot spots—between short and long-range viewing. COAST’s patented focusing technology adapts to your need. The Ultra View Flood beam delivers edge-to-edge clarity in a broad circle, and the BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam sends a sharp ray of light at a distance with a transitional halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area.
Slide Focus – One-handed beam control. COAST’s SLIDE FOCUS® system enables you to seamlessly transition between spot and flood beam with the push or pull your finger. Responsive beam-shape control allows you to operate your light with a single hand and keep the other hand free.
Water Resistance – Don’t worry about the weather. COAST lights that have passed the IP54-level resistance tests are splash-resistant and built with durable materials that stand up to nature.

SKU 21498
Manufacturer Model # 21498
UPC 015286214980
Case Quantity 3
Weight 1.40 lbs
Carton Dimensions 15 × 9.5 × 2 in