Cold Steel 29.75″ Katana Sword

88CKK Cold Steel

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Cold Steel 29.75″ Mizutori Katana Sword

WEIGHT: 43.2 oz.
HANDLE: 11 1/2″
STEEL: 1095 Carbon
OVERALL: 41 1/4″
ADDITIONAL FEATURE: Sam© (Ray Skin) Handle with Brown Braid Cord and Brass Menuki. Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard.
Sword Style: Japanese

The Crane is a symbol of luck and longevity, loyalty and strength, and is a much-loved symbol in Japan. As we developed a new Katana to add to our long standing and world-renowned line-up of Japanese blades, we felt it only fitting to add the Crane as a motif. The Mizutori (Crane) Katana is a high-end, high-performance blade that was inspired by older, practical battlefield Katanas. Measuring a hair under thirty inches, the Mizutoris blade is made from high quality 1095 carbon steel and differentially hardened with a clay tempered Hamon. The handsome blade features a hand sharpened Hamaguri grind with highly polished spine and blade flats. The Tsuba and Menuki both feature an iconic crane motif, and the high quality ray-skin handle is tightly wrapped in brown silk cord, adding a level of detail and beauty that must be seen to be believed. Housed inside a lustrous black lacquered Saya, the Mizutori Katana a stunning and attractive sword that is sure to become the pride of your collection! The Mizutori (Crane) Wakizashi mirrors the materials, fit and finish of its larger brother in every way except size. Its equally light and fast, and with the same high-quality materials, but at a fraction of the size, making it an exquisite companion piece to the Mizutori Katana, or a beautiful stand-alone blade.

Manufacturer Model # CS-88CKK
UPC 705442015802
Case Quantity 1
Weight 7.00 lbs
Carton Dimensions 45 × 4 × 4 in
Blade Length

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