ColorConnex Plug 2-Pack (Green)

A71440B2PK ColorConnex

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ColorConnex Plug Type B 1/4″ MNPT 1/4″ Body Green 2-Pack

  • COLOR MATCHING COUPLERS – ColorConnex uses a patented color matching system that differentiates each coupler type, ensuring proper separation of dry and lubricated lines.
  • DEDICATED LINE USE – Each of the three colors in our line represent a standard pneumatic interchange; red is for industrial (Type D), while blue is for automotive (Type C), and green is used for ARO (Type B), eliminating the risk of cross contamination between lines.
  • EASE OF USE – Quick release and push-to-connect couplings allow for easy connections to blow guns and air compressors.
  • BUILT TO LAST – From the makers of Flexzilla, these couplings are made from steel and the same aircraft aluminum found Flexzilla hoses, ensuring a strong connection for maximum torque and RPM.
  • READY FOR ANY JOB – Can be used anywhere and in any application, such as auto shops, warehouses and home garages.
SKU A71440B2PK
Manufacturer Model # A71440B2PK
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