Edge 2005-2007 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Evolution

15003 Edge Performance

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Sleek design that stays with the vehicle as a state-of-the-art gauge display
Programmable in under 20 seconds
Ship with a custom-designed mounting pod designed to make them look factory-installed
USB that can be updated over the Internet
Display and clear diagnostic trouble codes
Advanced tuning options
Adjust speed and rev limiter
Shift points and pressure
Improve throttle response
Adjust tire size and gear ratio for proper shifting
WOT fuel and octane rating
Perform 0-60 quarter-mile, eighth-mile, and 60 ft. performance tests and reaction times as well as display mph, time, and distance. Hook them up to your PC and you can even view estimated flywheel horsepower and quarter-mile times
Datastream – choose up to 19 different user-defined parameters at a time to graph up to 60 seconds worth of streaming data on your PC
Alert and record – they sound an audible alert when user-set values are reached and automatically record the highest value of key parameters

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