Excalibur 1-Way Car Alarm System with Remote Start – 1500 Foot Range

AL1670B Excalibur Security

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Excalibur 1-Way Car Alarm System with Remote Start – 1500 Foot Range
(2) 4 Button 1-Way Remotes
433MHz – 1500 Foot Range

• ECHO 2-Way Ready
• Linkr Compatible
• Blade Compatible
• X-OS: Firmware Upgradeable using Weblink Technology

Vehicle Learning Technology – Faster than Programming:
• Auto-Detects Ignition Sequence
• Verifies RS Connection Automatically
• Auto-Detects Tach/Data-Tach/Tachless
• Auto-Detects Data Port Protocols

Powered by the AL-XX70-B module

Ultra Compact Multi Tone Siren
Dual Zone Magnetic Shock Sensor
Unauthorized Transmitter Alert
Gas/Diesel Compatible
Manual Transmission Compatible
3 Mode Anti-Carjacking: Ignition, Door & Transmitter Activated

Compact Siren
Horn honk output
7 Onboard Relays
4 Auxiliary Channels
Automatic Rearming
Starter Interrupt
Silent Arm/Disarm
Auto Detects Optimal Crank Time in Tachless Mode
Simultaneous Horn Honk & Siren Alert
On-board temp sensor
Low temp auto crank adjust
Low/high temp auto start
Low voltage auto start
Supports iDatalink & DBI Protocals
Human Panic Horn Honk Alert
Dual data ports
Backup battery port
Turbo Timer
Programmable Run Time
Run Time Extender
Pit-Stop Mode
XL Pit Stop Mode – runs for 12 hours

Manufacturer Model # AL-1670-B
UPC 289538969731
Case Quantity 6
Weight 2.60 lbs
Carton Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 6 in
Transmitter Type