Frankford Cartridge Overall Length Gauge

965887 Frankford Arsenal

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If you have a cleaning rod and a set of calipers, you can now determine the optimum OAL for any bullet in less than two minutes.
Kit consists of two clamps that easily attach to any cleaning rod, 1/4″ in diameter, or less.
Install the appropriate size tip on the end of your cleaning rod, insert the cleaning rod to the bolt face, install one clamp, remove the bolt and drop in a bullet (projectile only) into the chamber. Hold the bullet against the rifling with a pencil, touch the bullet tip with the cleaning rod tip and install the other clamp. Now measure the inside distance between the two clamps with a calipers and record, or use as a gauge to check the seating depth set-up during your reloading sequence.

Works on all rifles.

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