MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest – for Rifles, Handguns & Shotguns

KSR30 MTM Case Gard

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The K-Zone shooting rest stands out as MTM’s top of the line rifle and handgun shooting rest.
Precision built for checking reloads or factory ammo with your favorite rifle.
Designed to replace heavy metal rifle rests as a lightweight, compact, all around easier to use alternative.
The K-Zone has a solid four-foot stance, with feet made of non-marring rubber, placed for optimum stabilization, plus a large vertical adjustment
screw that allow for quick height adjustments and a solid, no-movement hold.
It is padded front and rear with non-marring rubber shooting pads.
Adjustable in length to fit a full size hunting rifle all the way down to a small youth rifles.
Also accommodates AR15 style and lever-action rifles.

With the rear piece removed it becomes a pistol handgun rest or front rifle rest.
The padded storage box is removable and can hold shooting glasses, ear plugs, tools, etc..
The rest weighs 4 pounds and features hollowed compartments to which you can add weight if desired.
Built to withstand heavy calibers, the American-made K-Zone is perfect for sighting in any rifle or handgun.
Measures 16″ wide and 19″ long in storage position, expands to 26″ long for shooting
Durable polypropylene construction

Color: Red

Manufacturer Model # KSR-30
UPC 026057361420
Case Quantity 3
Weight 5.10 lbs
Carton Dimensions 16.5 × 8.25 × 14.5 in

Fabric / Material