Omega Keyless Entry Alarm Upgrade

AL100DP Omega

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Full-Feature Vehicle Security System for OEM Factory-Equipped Remote Keyless Entry Transmitters
• Arms & disarms from factory keyless entry via wire inputs or data ports
• D2D Port for Quick Integration with Databus Systems
• Compatible with Reversal Rest at Nothing/5 V Systems
• Includes Dual Zone Shock Sensor (AU84TN)
• Data port for vehicle integration modules

Parking Light Override
3rd Channel Activation
Backup battery port
Doors Will Also Lock With Automatic Rearming
Horn and Siren Outputs (Siren NOT Included)
Horn Chirp Confirmation On/Off
15 Second Entry Delay
Active Arming – by using the remote transmitter to lock the door
Disarm with OEM Trunk Release
Last Door Arming
Automatic Rearming
Arming Bypass
Passive arming
Ignition activated lock/unlock
Dual zone sensor port
Domelight Supervision
Flashing Light Output
Anti-carjack modes
LED Status Indicator

Manufacturer Model # AL100DP
UPC 289538916667
Case Quantity 24
Weight 1.15 lbs
Carton Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 3 in