Omega Smartphone Control and Vehicle Tracking System


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Compatible App available on iOS and Android – Search for ‘Linkr-LT’
Control Vehicle with Amazon Alexa Voice Commands
Control multiple LINKRLT2 Devices from one APP
Share Access with Friends, Family or Coworkers
Range Limited by only by Cell service access – Almost unlimited Range!

Control & Confirm LOCK, UNLOCK, START, STOP, TRUNK, & Aux Functions
View the vehicle’s current location
Displays remote start remaining run time
Run time extender feature
Shows door locked/unlocked status
Displays vehicle voltage & Linkr network connection
Dedicated Data Port for Any 70 Series Excalibur System (V1.4 Firmware or Higher)
Direct plug-in to OmegaLink RS kits
Supports iDatalink, Posse, Fortin, & DBI/Smartstart protocol
Install as stand alone tracker (Only GPS instant locate & alarm alert is available)
Choose Custom Images & Names for Each Device
Setup & Test directly from App – No PC Needed!
Alarm trigger alert
(1) Input Trigger – Alarm Alert

Includes the 1st year of service ($39.95 USD for the following year)
Works in the USA & Puerto Rico (Roams in Canada)

Manufacturer Model # LINKR-LT2
UPC 289538972151
Case Quantity 1
Weight 0.40 lbs
Carton Dimensions 6.75 × 4.5 × 2 in