Tipton Universal Bore Guide with 3 Interchangeable Tips

777888 Tipton

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The Tipton universal bore guide will help protect the bore and action of your rifle by properly aligning the cleaning rod and reducing solvent overflow. Cleaning without a bore guide can allow the rod to “bow” and rub or gouge chamber and throat of the bore causing real damage and loss of accuracy. Keeping the rod properly aligned not only protects your barrel, it directs the force exerted on the cleaning rod handle allowing tight patches to be pushed more easily.

Protects chamber and bore form damage
Ensures proper rod alignment for easier cleaning
Reduces solvent leakage into gun’s action
Anodized aluminum tube for durability
Integrated solvent port
Fits most bolt action rifles and AR-15s
Inserts and secures into the bolt position
Compatible with cleaning rods up to .425″ diameter
Adjustable position sliding collar for bolt actions works with most centerfire rifles, Fits bolt diameters .695″ or larger
AR-15 collar fits securely inside receiver of AR-15 style rifles
Three interchangeable tips cover most calibers from .17 to .460
Small: most cartridges .17-.24 (up to 6mm)
Medium: most cartridges .25-.30 (6.5mm- 7.62mm)
Large: most cartridges over .30 (over7.62mm)

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