Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-220A

BPR122022000 Victron

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Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-220A

The Smart BatteryProtect disconnects the battery from non-essential loads before it is completely discharged (which would damage the battery) or before it has insufficient power left to crank the engine.

When using Bluetooth to program the Smart BatteryProtect any required engage/disengage levels can be set.
Alternatively, one of nine predefined engage/disengage levels can be set with the programming pin.
If required, Bluetooth can be disabled.

Connection: M8
Solid state relay for use with 12/24 Volts DC
Operating Range: 6 – 35 Volts
Maximum continuous current: 220 Amps
Maximum peak current: 600 Amps (30 seconds)
Power consumption max: 1.5 mA
Alarm output delay: 12 seconds

Load disconnect delay when triggered by BMS is instantaneous
Load disconnect 90 Seconds delay when triggered by low voltage of 10.5 or 21 Volts
Load reconnect delay 30 seconds when voltage gets to 12 or 24 Volts
DIM (H x W x D) 2.5″ x 4.9″ x 4.8″

Special setting for Li-ion batteries
Ultra low current consumption
Over voltage protection
Ignition proof – No relays means no sparks
Delayed alarm output
Delayed load disconnect and delayed reconnect

The Smart BatteryProtect is a uni-directional device. It can only deal with current in one direction, so either current to a load, or current from a charger, but not both currents at the same time. In addition to this, current only can only flow from the IN terminal to the OUT terminal. In case of use with a load, the battery connects to the IN terminal, and in case of use with a charger, the charger connects to the IN terminal.

This model has built-in Bluetooth. Not only does this make it easier to program but it also allows you to use incremental values for the setting. This can be used as a stand alone device or as part of a control system for a Lithium Ion battery bank. The Victron Battery protect is a solid state relay and is used to disconnect the load from a battery when it is becoming over discharged. It is controlled internally by programmable parameters for low and high voltage or when used with Lithium Ion batteries it is controlled remotely by the the VE Bus Battery Management System

SKU BPR122022000
Manufacturer Model # BPR122022000
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