Wera Bit-Check 30 “Impact Ready” Diamond Coated Tips (30-Piece Set)

05057690001 Wera

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Wera Bit-Check 30 “Impact Ready” Diamond Coated Tips (30-Piece Set)

Impaktor technology for Above-Average Service Life
Diamond Coating for Secure fit in the screw, Literally bites into the Screwhead to prevent Cam-Out
Holder with Ring Magnet for holding longer and heavier Screws
Color Coded for Easy Application Selection
Includes Universal Impaktor-R Bit Holder

1 Impaktor holder with retaining ring and ring magnet, 29 Impaktor bits.
The Impaktor technology offers an above-average service life even under extreme circumstances thanks to the best possible utilization of the material properties and the optimized geometry; particularly suitable for use with customary impact drivers; holder with ring magnet for simple holding of even longer and heavier screws, ideal for overhead work.
The rough diamond-coating of the bits reduces the risk of a slipping out of the screw head thanks to the enhanced frictional resistance.
Convenient Bit Set Holding Case.

1/4” Universal Impaktor-R Bit Holder
Phillips Bit: 2 x PH 1
Phillips Bit: 3 x PH 2
Phillips Bit: 2 x PH 3
TORX Bit: 1 x TX10
TORX Bit: 1 x TX15
TORX Bit: 2 x TX20
TORX Bit: 3 x TX25
TORX Bit: 2 x TX30
TORX Bit: 2 x TX40
Pozidriv Bit: 2 x PZ1
Pozidriv Bit: 3 x PZ2
Pozidriv Bit: 2 x PZ3
Hex Bit: 1 x 3mm
Hex Bit: 1 x 4mm
Hex Bit: 1 x 5mm
Hex Bit: 1 x 6mm

SKU 05057690001
Manufacturer Model # 05 057690 001
UPC 4013288156778
Weight 0.70 lbs
Carton Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in