Wera “Kraftform Kompact 100” Heavy Duty Bit Set with Driver (52-Piece Set)

05057460001 Wera

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Wera “KRAFTFORM KOMPAKT 100″ Heavy Duty Bit Set with Driver (52-Piece Set)

52-piece; in surface-protecting, compact textile box which is extremely robust
Low volume and weight for simplified mobility
Compact tool set with 52 screwdriving tools
With “Take it Easy” Tool Finder: Color Coding by Size

• Robust surface-protecting, compact, textile box
• (1) Bitholder with Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change
• (30) BiTorsion bits in a length of 1″ (25mm) for long service life
• (12) Impaktor (extra hard) bits in a length of 2″ (50mm) for particularly demanding jobs
• (8) L-keys with Hex-Plus profile (prevents the rounding of hexagon socket screws)
• Bitholding screwdriver with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck
• Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder

Chrome Plated Metric L-keys: 1.5×50 mm, 2×56 mm, 2.5×63 mm, 3×71 mm, 4×80 mm, 5×90 mm, 6×100 mm, 8×112 mm

1″ BiTorsion bits: High quality bits with Torsion zone – where kinetic energy is diverted from peak loads – and softer BiTorsion zone to prevent the bit tip from twisting under peak loads. This greatly extends the product service life.

Phillips Bit: 2 x PH 1, 4 x PH 2, 2 x PH 3
Pozidriv Bit: 2 x PZ 1, 4 x PZ 2, 2 x PZ 3
TORX Bit: 2 x TX10, 2 x TX15, 3 x TX20, 2 x TX25, 2 x TX30, 1 x TX40
Slot Bit: 2 x 5.5mm

2” Impaktor bits: The Impaktor technology offers an above-average service life even under extreme circumstances. Enhanced friction resistance, thanks to the rough diamond-particle coating on the bit tip, prevents any slipping out of the screw head.

Phillips Bit: 2 x PH 2, 1 x PH 3
Pozidriv Bit: 2 x PZ 2, 1 x PZ 3
TORX Bit: 2 x TX25, 2 x TX30, 3 x TX40
Hex-Plus: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

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