Daisy Winchester 77XS Pump Rifle with 4×32 Scope

991977402 Daisy

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The Winchester Air Rifle Model 77XS is a multi-pump, dual ammo air rifle that’s loaded with great features. You’ll like the way the thumbhole fits your hand and wrist, providing a relaxed and better support for the rifle. The 77XS includes a 4 X 32 air rifle scope. You can load single .177 caliber pellets. Or, load up to 50 BBs in the port and every time you pull back the bolt, you can quickly load another BB. With every pump you’ll gain power and velocity. Pump the gun three times for indoor target shooting practice. Or pump it up to ten times to achieve maximum velocity – up to 800 feet per second.

4 X 32 air rifle scope
Rugged, durable, composite stock and forearm

Action: Multi-pump pneumatic
Caliber: .177 cal. (4.5 mm) BB or pellet
Barrel: Rifled steel
Sights: Blade and ramp front/Adjustable rear
Stock/Forearm/Grip: Black Synthetic Thumb Hole Stock
Safety: Crossbolt trigger block
Capacity: 50 shot/BB; Single shot/pellet
Max. Muzzle Velocity: 800 fps (BB)
Max. Shooting Distance: 291 yds.
Overall Length: 37.6″
Weight: 3.1 lbs.

SKU 991977402
Manufacturer Model # 991977-402
UPC 039256819777
Weight 4.70 lbs
Carton Dimensions 39 × 6.5 × 2.5 in